Private Dog Training, Eugene Oregon

Our private dog training expedites the training process

Enjoy a positive, personalized dog training experience.

The Well-Mannered Dog’s private dog training programs are an excellent option for families that want customized help.

You can choose our:
• LIVE, real-time online dog training lessons
• in-person training

Online dog training lessons

With our online training, we’ll be there virtual face-to-face to see, hear, and experience your dog’s behavior just like in person. We either demonstrate skills with our dog or show you a video of us training an inexperienced dog. We then coach you through the practice, and to provide advice and feedback.

In-Person Training

With our in-person training, you have a choice of having the lessons take place:
• at our training building so you are not charged for travel time
• at your house

Due to the Governor’s Stay at home Order, all classes will be conducted online through Zoom. In-person training will resume when Governor Brown cancels social distancing.

Through private training, we can help you with

Puppy Training and Socialization

• Get help with nipping and jumping
• Speed up house & crate training
• Socialization with dogs & people
• Introduce to puppy obedience cues
• Comfort with body handling
• Introduce leash & walking skills

Obedience and Manners
• Listening and responding to cues
• Polite greetings and behavior
• Relaxing on their mat or bed
• Leash walking skills
• Coming when called
• Listening with distractions
•, and more


Changing Emotions
• Fear of dogs, people, environments
• Aggression towards people or dogs
• Arousal issues – overly excited

• Guarding of food, toys or people
•, and so much more

Step 1 – Chat with 1 of our trainers.

Request a call from one of our trainers.
One of our trainers will give you a call.  We will discuss:
1. Your goals
2. All your training options
3. Our schedule – making sure we have appointment times that will work for you.
4. And address any concerns you may have.

Any information you want before you decide, we will disclose.

Step 2 – Use our easy online sign-up.

After we have spoken on the phone and we know our schedules will match, I’ll have you fill out our online application.

The application will ask you to include the appointment times we discussed in our conversation.

Then once I have your paperwork and payment those appointments will be reserved.  If you delay registering someone else might take the appointments you want.  Just call us back to make sure those date and time is still available.

Price of private training

Pay for 6 weekly appointments –$540

Pay for 12 private appointments – $1080

As one of Oregon’s first Certified Professional Dog trainers and over 32 years of experience successfully helping dog parents train their dog, plus our expertise in training is unbeatable. We understand how stressful and frustrating training problems can be, and we know how to work through those problems effectively. These customized training plans take into consideration the specific and unique needs of the whole family and dog.

“Good Morning Debbie,
The pups and I spent a wonderful time playing and learning yesterday.  They stayed in my room last night. I enjoyed having them in the room with me.

Thank you for the life experiences and dedication”

Jude Emmanera, Eugen Oregon

‘The dogs were a lot calmer after just the first class. You covered jumping issues and in three days Tango wasn’t jumping anymore.”

Dave Pemberton, Eugene Oregon

I was amazed how easily Angel took to the training! She learned easily that if she sits nicely she gets more of what she really wants. ” 

Brenda Jetter, Eugene Oregon