Private Dog Training, Eugene Oregon


Go From Your Present Reality to Where You Want To Be –

Your Dog Owning DREAM

Jumping, Reactivity, Running away, Distracted, Nervous, Not Listening…

You Name It, We’ll Solve It.

Private Training Dream

Enjoy a positive, personalized dog training experience.

Throughout Lane County, dog lovers hold in high esteem, the expertise, and personalized one on one attention they get from our Certified Professional Trainers during their private training.

Personalized Training is perfect for people who want:

•  want a customized program designed for you
•  feel this is a better way for you and your dog to learn
•  want one on one attention
•  want expedited learning for you and your dog.

Training appointments are 45 minutes each 

Appointments Times
Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and some Saturdays

Price – A price will be quoted during your private Zoom or phone chat.  You have a lot of options that can raise or lower the price.

How many appointments you will need – This depends on the struggles you have with your dog, we will give you a quote during your private Zoom or phone chat. 

Training Support Includes:

• Phone calls
• E-mail
• Videos and handouts for all your training games

Don’t Wait Another Minute, Schedule Your Free Zoom Consultation Now!

1 some immediate answers to your questions.
2 an opportunity to see if we are the trainer for you.
3 an example of the tips, games, and strategies you need to work through your dog’s struggles.
4 a view of the success path that we will use to help you meet your goals.
5 and hopefully, the peace of mind to know you are being the best you can for your dog.

We guide you through the success path you need to give your dog’s the real-life skills.

We are on your team, working together with you!

Private Appointments

Private appointments either at:
• Our Facility
• Your House or
• On Line

A Targeted Plan

A personalized plan unique to your dog and recommendations on the training plan, to meet your goals and help you live your dog owning dream.


We take your education just as seriously as your dog’s.  For this reason, we support you with videos and handouts through our online Hub.  In addition, we offer phone and e-mail support.

Success Path

Your personalized success path,  pinpoints where you are and takes you through the process to where you want to be.

All you have to do is change what you do and play the games that shape your dog’s behavior.

Facebook Community

You get access to our community, to share your wins, struggles and to connect with other dog lovers who are fulfilling their dog-loving dream.

We’re Passionate About Changing Struggles to Strengths

As a certified, professional, dog trainer with more than 36 years experience, what we know is dogs brains are flexible and can change and your dog has the potential to meet your goals.

“Good Morning Debbie,
The pups and I spent a wonderful time playing and learning yesterday.  They stayed in my room last night. I enjoyed having them in the room with me.

Thank you for the life experiences and dedication”

Jude Emmanera, Eugene Oregon

The Well Mannered Dog training is the BEST!!! Having a number of dogs through the years we’ve gone to several training programs and this has been the very best. Debbie has a broad knowledge of dogs and a very systematic and fun series of skills for us, and our pups to learn. Each step builds on the previous ones to get to the goals of having calm dogs able to interact with people and other dogs as well as go into public places and remain calm. The classes are personalized with her observations of each of us and giving positive and helpful feedback. THANK YOU DEBBIE!!!

Pat Gildroy, Eugene Oregon

‘The dogs were a lot calmer after just the first class. You covered jumping issues and in three days Tango wasn’t jumping anymore.”

Dave Pemberton, Eugene Oregon

I was amazed how easily Angel took to the training! She learned easily that if she sits nicely she gets more of what she really wants. ” 

Brenda Jetter, Eugene Oregon

Our toy poodle Henry went through the Well Mannered Dog school about 8 years ago, and we’ve been getting compliments ever since about what a well-behaved dog he is. Thanks, Debbie!”

Carl Best, Eugene Oregon

Tell me about cancelling appointments

Sure – We value having a Cancellations & refund policy that is fair to both parties.  Because we have limited appointments available, both parties agree to only cancel or reschedule appointments in the event of an emergency (unforeseen circumstances resulting in a need for immediate action). Emergency cancellations will be rescheduled. Rescheduling non-emergency cancellations are charged our normal hourly rate. Once appointments are scheduled no refunds will be given for any reason.

What if my dog is not food motivated?

There are 3 main reasons dogs lack food motivation.
1. Medical – we’ll let your veterinarian handle that one.
2. Stress – part of the training involves stress reduction.  Once your dog is less stressed, it will eat better.
3. Overfeeding – we will help you feed your dog the correct amount of food.  Once owners are feeding their dog the correct amount of food, motivation increases.

If you are willing to make changes to what you are doing, your dog’s food motivation will also change.

What kind of training do you offer?

We believe all training can be conducted without intimidation, pain, or fear.  Clients are encouraged to use any rewards their dog loves (food, toys, play, social contact, etc.) and are driven to obtain.

In addition, we go beyond teaching behaviors and teach the concepts your dog is missing (calmness, self-control, disengagement etc.), and we do it all with games.

How do I know it will work?

Success is dependent upon the human part of the team.  It is for people willing to:
• take action,
• make changes to what they are presently doing,
• watch the videos, use their handouts, and play the games. 

If that is you, sign up, and you will succeed.

Will this work for my dog’s struggle?

I only take on cases that I can succeed with.  I have been helping dog lovers since 1987 and routinely help transform these struggles! 

  • Reactivity to dogs or people or unpredictability
  • Over-exuberance and jumping up
  • Pulling on leash, not listening 
  • fear of  Noises, objects and other things 
  • An inability to be calm or settle in –  barking/attention-seeking/stealing  things
  • housetraining and playful biting
  • Running off, not coming when called
  • Basic cues like sit, down, stay
  • And that’s to name only a few!

Struggles we routinely successfully help transform.

• A lack of calmness or ability to settle in
• Reactivity or Unpredictability to dogs and people
• Fear of Noises, Objects, People and Dogs
• Jumping on People
• Sit and Down
• Playful biting and Nipping
• Focus and Listening Skills
• Loose Leash Walking
• Coming When Called
• Stay
• Crate Training, Housetraining
• OverExcitability
• Confidence